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Welcome to The Database Place

At The Database Place, we do one thing - databases. We don't do graphics programs build or write games ... we write custom solutions that help you manage your unique business problems. Need a solution to track your customers spending habits? We do that. Having trouble keeping track of all those little inventory items? We do that. Need a way to keep those projects on track? We do that.

The Database Place is home to CS Computer Software, an aggressive, innovative company dedicated to providing you with the solution you need. We don't try to sell you our version of what we think you need; we listen to you, review your current business model and work with you to build a solution that will help you grow your business. And, if your current inhouse solution is getting off track, or just isn't progressing the way you think it should, call us. We can analyze your project and give you solid, concrete recommendations. If you're satisfied with your current solution, but want to add a few modern touches (like email capabilities, right-click menus, etc), we'll be glad to look over your job and make recommendations - no charge!!

Contact us today at info@thedatabaseplace.net for a quote on your database needs - or fill out an online quote form and start building your business today!

Access Tip of the Day

Want to display the currently logged in user in the status bar? Use SysCmd to do this:

SysCmd acSysCmdUpdateMeter, CurrentUser

Need to clear the Status Bar? SysCmd again:

SysCmd acSysCmdClearStatus

SysCmd can also show and update a status bar, handle INI file access, and much more! Check out SysCmd in online help.

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