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Want to display the currently logged in user in the status bar? Use SysCmd to do this:

SysCmd acSysCmdUpdateMeter, CurrentUser

Need to clear the Status Bar? SysCmd again:

SysCmd acSysCmdClearStatus

SysCmd can also show and update a status bar, handle INI file access, and much more! Check out SysCmd in online help.


A technology which allows remote, non-connected users access to the database. Replication technologies differ, but basically they add a "replication id" to every record. User add, edit, and delete records, and the replication engine handles conflicts as they come up. Note that replication is not without problems, and many find that replication is not the best answer to remote computing needs.
More than one user
Windows 32-Bit Operating systems
Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, ME, XP Home & Pro, and any version of Windows to come later.

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