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Database Engine
Microsoft Access 97
Microsoft Access 2000/2002 (XP)
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Interface & Code Base
Microsoft Access 97
Microsoft Access 2002 (XP)
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Web-based (ASP)
Deploy as Access Runtime (Access Only)
Deploy as .MDE file (Access Only)
Program Features
On-line Help
On-Lin User Manual
Audit Log
Tip of the Day
Messaging System
Archive Utility
File Utilities
Upgrade Manager
Report Manager
Search Utilities
Operating Systems
Windows 98 (all versions)
Windows NT/2000
Windows ME
Windows XP, Pro and Home
Data Considerations
I need to export data from this database to other sources
I need to import data from other sources into this database
I need this application to be secured.
I need the forms, reports, and modules to be secured against design change (Access only)
Delivery Medium
Floppy disks
Zip Disk
Web-based deployment
Other Considerations
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Access Tip of the Day

Want to display the currently logged in user in the status bar? Use SysCmd to do this:

SysCmd acSysCmdUpdateMeter, CurrentUser

Need to clear the Status Bar? SysCmd again:

SysCmd acSysCmdClearStatus

SysCmd can also show and update a status bar, handle INI file access, and much more! Check out SysCmd in online help.

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