To begin the quote process, we need to find out a bit about your needs. The easiest way to gather your requirements is to use our online quote service, or you can download and fill out the Requirements and Specifications document. This is a Microsoft Word document, so you'll need a copy of Word on your system.

There are several sections to this document:

Database Engine
We can develop your application for several different database products. The most common are Microsoft Access/Jet and Microsoft SQL Server. We can also develop for MySQL, Oracle, or any other relational database. You will also need to let us know if this is to be a multiuser application, and - if so - how many users this application will support. Also, we will need to know if this database is to be replicated.
Select the development platform you desire. Most common are Microsoft Access or Microsoft Visual Basic 6. If selecting Access, you must also select other options:
Operating Systems
Select the operating systems that will used to run you application. Only Windows 32-bit systems are supported. For a web-based application, select the minimum browser version of Microsoft Explorer and Netscape that will be supported. Note that support for other browsers is not guaranteed.
Program features
There are many different features you can add to your custom program. Listed below are the most common: There are other features available for certain types of program. We can inform you of these as we learn more about your project.
Application Security
Does this application need to have security implemented? Security requires users to log on to the application, and allows you to grant different groups of users various rights and permissions. Security also helps to protect your data in the event someone hacks your network or comuter system.
Data considerations
Do you need to import data from other sources? We can provide utilities that will help you with this, but we require specific knowledge of the datatypes and schema. Do you need to export data? If so, we can provide utilites to export your data in many formats.
Other considerations
We will need to know the screen resolution you will be using (note: if you have various resolutions, we can add form resizing to the appliction to account for those discrepancies). We'll also need to know if you wish to have a logo included with your application (for reports, screens, etc). We will need to know the delivery media (CD, web-based, etc) you require.



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