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We offer various services, from full application development to as-needed consultation.

Consulation is provided through several different methods. Most often, you will send us your database via email attachment or FTP transfer and we will review it at our office. We also use various web-based meeting services like NetMeeting or GoToMyMeeting. We can also provide on-site consultation and application set-up services at your office. Note that NetMeeting or on-site services will incur additional expenses; please contact us for full information.

Full application development is normally priced as a "flat rate". Before beginning development, we will gather your requirements and specifications and provide you with a definitive specification sheet detailing exactly what we will deliver. Billing is provided via e-mail or US Postal Service. Any project requiring more than 10 hours of work require a 50% deposit before delivery of any portion of the project, except for initial specifications. All work is delivered via FTP transfer or CD delivery (note: CD Delivery is made via US Postal Service)

We accept company checks, government\corporate purchase orders (with prior approval), Mastercard/Visa/Discover, PayPal, and good old American cash!!

These rates are current as of 11/22/2019. All rates are US Dollars.

Want a free quote on building your custom business solution? Download this short Specifications & Requirements document, then email us with your contact information and we'll get in touch with you, or call us at (803) 278-2713. After contacting you, we'll help you fill out the Specifications & Requirements document.

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Access Tip of the Day

Want to display the currently logged in user in the status bar? Use SysCmd to do this:

SysCmd acSysCmdUpdateMeter, CurrentUser

Need to clear the Status Bar? SysCmd again:

SysCmd acSysCmdClearStatus

SysCmd can also show and update a status bar, handle INI file access, and much more! Check out SysCmd in online help.